Access Breeze at the bottom of this page or at

Our church management system, Breeze, includes a user-friendly phone app AND website. You can access a directory, calendar, and our online giving program all in one place. Access your to-date giving info and update your contact info, as well! Contact for an email invitation from Hannah Hopper that says “Create Your St. Mark’s United Methodist Church Account” or sign up. Also contact Hannah for a paper directory.

Access Breeze here!


  1. Look for the invitation to join Breeze in your email
    • If you have not received an invitation, email Hannah (
  2. Click on the link and create a username and password to access your account.
  3. If your account was successfully created, the Account Created screen will appear with a Login box and you will also receive a confirmation email.
  4. Click “Login” and the Breeze dashboard screen should open.
    • RECOMMENDATION: Bookmark this “Dashboard” page for easy access!


  1. Click on the “Give Now” link at the main menu bar.
  2. Fill in the dollar amount.
  3. Choose to pay by credit/debit card or ACH Bank Transfer and fill out your information.
    • NOTE: As with any online giving service, there are bank fees. The church covers these fees, but it is recommended that you use an ACH Bank Transfer if able as it is a cheaper service. Thanks!
  4. Select the fund that you want your donation to go to. Default is our church general fund.
  5. Select the frequency of the donation.
  6. Click “Donate Now”
    • NOTE: Payment methods are saved in your account for future use. You can remove them by accessing the “Payment Methods” tab and clicking the “x”.
    • NOTE: Any payments you made that are recurring can be edited in the “Recurring Gifts” tab.
  7. Visit for more info


  1. Quick search: Click on the search icon bar at the top left and begin typing the name of the person you are looking for. If they are in our system, a dropdown list will begin to be created. Click on the name of the person you are looking for to view their contact info.
  2. People database: Click on the Person icon in the menu bar and a list of will open. Start typing part of the person’s name. The search will operate on first or last names. It is not necessary to type the entire name. Matches will be displayed to the right.
  3. Edit your profile: Everyone with an account should have access to update their own family’s profile.
    • Click on the section header of the item you want to edit.
    • After you have updated your information, click “save” in that section header.


  1. Click on the Calendar icon in the menu bar.
  2. For more details on a specific event, click on the event name.
  3. This calendar is also made public on our church website at


  1. Click on the round user graphic at the far right of the menu bar.
  2. A drop down menu will open. Click on Logout.


If you have any questions or need help setting something up, don’t hesitate to contact our church office!


  1. What if I forget my username or password? If the ‘Forgot My Password” option at the login screen doesn’t work, contact Hannah and she can manually reset it for you.
  2. Who can see my family’s information? You have full access to see and edit your own family’s information. However, not everyone can see your full profile like you can. Other people can access basic information just like a church pictorial directory (such as name, contact info, address, and family members). Only people who are a part of our church community will be allowed to have a profile and will have access to our directory.
  3. What if I entered the wrong donation amount and it is already processed? Contact Hannah and she can help you process a refund.
  4. What if I submitted my donation to the wrong fund? Contact Hannah and let her know where you want your donation to go.She will make sure your donation goes to the right place!
  5. What if I selected the wrong donation frequency? Go to “Give Now” in your Breeze profile. Click on “Recurring Gifts” and select “Change”. Update your preferences and then “Save Changes”.
  6. Is there an app I can use on my smartphone? YES! You can fully access your Breeze account from your device. To download the app, go to
  7. I forgot to bookmark Breeze in my web browser! How do I find the Breeze login for my account? Access the Breeze login by going to
  8. What is our “Church ID”? Our church ID for Breeze is “stmarksmidlo”.