My St. Mark’s Family, 
Now that June is upon us, I wanted to give you an update on our capital campaign. Thanks to your faithfulness and generosity, we have received 123 pledges totaling $527,565 to date, and contributions totaling $141,577 have already been made. Our trustee and staff teams have begun addressing the needs outlined in the campaign. Our new sanctuary HVAC units have been installed and paid for (pictures below), and we were able to fix the broken pipe under the courtyard as well (pictures also below)! Praise the Lord! As funds become available, our trustee and finance teams will continue to do the necessary work to maintain our wonderful church and pay down debt. We’ll update you periodically on our progress, but feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you again for building a bold future at St. Mark’s!!  
Pastor Justin

122 families have committed a total of over $527,000 and have helped us EXCEED our goal! If you’d still like to participate, submit an online pledge form below!

Worship Series
Campaign Sunday #1: Grace Received and Grace Given with Rev. Burt Brooks
Campaign Sunday #2: It’s God’s House with Pastor Justin
Campaign Sunday #3: Building on the Rock with Pastor Justin
Campaign Sunday #4: Restoration with Pastor Justin
Final Campaign Sunday: Building for the Future with Pastor Justin