Parents: We want to partner with you to help raise your child and to give them a foundation of basic Christian skills. The Learning Goals for each class/grade level are below. There are the reasons to bring them to consistently to church. We hope you can see a natural progression of faith skills from baptism to Confirmation, from Nursery to Youth. Please help our volunteer teachers and helpers lead you child through these goals.


Learning Goals:
·         Child can separate from parents
·         Child learns what is expected in class
·         Child learns to bring in an offering of any size
·         Child knows the name of Jesus
·         Child can identify a Bible and a cross
·         Child knows teachers and God loves them
·         Child learns “Jesus Loves Me” song
·         We offer to baptize


Learning Goals:
·         Child knows how to do class procedures: attendance chart, move to altar, make crafts, etc.
·         Child learns simple prayers
·         Child learns simple songs, including “Jesus Loves Me”
·         Child recognizes a Bible, owns one at home, we offer one
·         Child is learning both how to behave in church and how to take Communion, in the classroom


Learning Goals:
·         Child can suggest what to do with offering
·         Child memorizes Lord’s Prayer
·         Child can pray aloud with group
·         Child recognizes some Bible names, books, stories, scriptures
·         Child participates in Communion, with class in Relevant, every other month


Learning Goals:
·         Child can lead prayers aloud
·         Child can participate in worship services as greeter, usher, acolyte, reader
·         Learning to Use My Bible class in the Spring
·         Child knows Old & New Testaments, able to look up a Bible verse, with assistance
·         Child owns their own Bible
·         Child ready for hands-on service projects in class
·         Child starts to memorize Apostle’s Creed


Learning Goals:
·         Child is able to find Bible verses on their own
·         Child is involved in hands-on mission projects, in class and in Kids in Mission Club
·         Child starts to memorize books of Bible
·         Class provides service to other classes, both kids & adults
·         Child memorizes Apostle’s Creed