For more information or details about the Worship Arts Ministry at St. Mark’s, please contact the church office or:
Selina Heslep, Director of Worship Arts Ministry
Brad Berkley, Director of Relevant Worship

St. Mark’s holds a blended worship service online each week. Click here to view online worship.

Current Worship Series

The Burdens We Carry: The Story of Joseph, His Family, and Ours
January 10-February 14
Home is where the story begins for each of us. Your story and mine find their roots, their DNA, in the place where it began for all of us…at home. The stamp of life was placed on us there. All we are today traces its way back to our parents and siblings, our contexts and circumstances, our sorrows and pains, our joys and discoveries. Joseph, the primary subject of this biblical worship series, had a home. Join us as we unpack this sacred story about relationships that shape and misshape everyday life. And let us see how the Divine presence is findable in it all, in our encounters with God and with one another.

Sundays at 10 am

1st Sundays: Drive-In Communion
2nd Sundays: Interactive Zoom Worship
3rd Sundays: Traditional Indoor Worship (Sanctuary)
4th Sundays: Interactive Zoom Worship
5th Sundays: Interactive Zoom Worship

Registration is required the Wednesday (at 12 pm) before each in-person service. Zoom links will be emailed out the Saturday prior to service. Click here for more details and to register for a service time.

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