For more information or details about the Worship Arts Ministry at St. Mark’s, please contact the church office or:
Selina Heslep, Director of Worship Arts Ministry
Brad Berkley, Director of Relevant Worship

St. Mark’s holds a blended worship service online each week. Click here to view online worship.

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Current Worship Series

Back To Better

New Worship Series April 18May 2
2021 has been the year of trying to get back to normal. But is that what we really want? Although “normal” has a safe ring to it, we know that our pre-COVID world was full of flaws. What if instead of going BACK to normal we go BETTER! Let us find a world where we Live, Grow and Love BETTER as followers of Christ. Join us for the three-week sermon series where we hear from God’s people as they find a BETTER in the Promised Land and as we learn from the early church a BETTER sense of community and discipleship. Lastly, we will look to our own churches vision to enter a BETTER world as God’s People than even before. Let’s take this opportunity to be BETTER in our faith instead of just normal.


8:30 AM  Livestream Worship on Facebook and YouTube
9:45 AM  Outdoor Relevant Worship
11 AM  Indoor Traditional Worship (this will also be on live on Facebook)

*We will have Communion on the first Sunday of each month. 

Registration is no longer needed, except for:
1) Children’s Sunday School – email Holly when your kids will be attending
2) Volunteers – health form & a simplified registration form will be needed each week

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