Some of you may be asking, “What is NLI?” NLI, short for Next Level Innovations, is a multi-year, 3 phase journey covered in prayer and focused on moving a church from Good to GREAT. St. Mark’s UMC has been chosen by the District to participate in NLI because of our health, coachable leadership, and desire to build on what God is doing. This is a process of self-reflection that culminates in a weekend where an outside group of clergy and laity meets with the church to listen and understand St. Mark’s and review our self-study in order to make recommendations that will help us build on what God is doing here.

There will be opportunities for you to get involved over the next year, but the biggest opportunity right now is prayer — the foundation and backbone of this entire initiative!

Church-Wide Spiritual Study, GOSPEL
Sundays, Feb 24–April 14
5:30–7 pm, Fellowship Hall

The word, “GOSPEL” means GOOD NEWS. Who doesn’t need good news in our world today?

People are looking for good news all over the place while we have amazing Scripture and our Wesleyan church tradition that offers the best good news of all. As our church continues our Next Level Innovations (NLI) journey this year, Pastor Fran will spend these 8 weeks facilitating as we study, discuss and share the gospel in order to be renewed individually and as a church of the Gospel Good News. Focusing on Grace and its meaning and beauty, we will be reminded of how called has uniquely graced and called us forward to be a people of grace. Study books will be provided and handed out at the first session. Our worship during this season of Lent will coincide with these topics. Register for this class here.

Breakthrough Prayer
We hope you will join us for our NLI Breakthrough Prayer at 10:10 (am or pm) each day. This time is selected from John 10:10, which states, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”

Who’s on the NLI Team?

Each month, we are sending out an email with updates on this process. Email Hannah if you’d like to receive this email.

Stay tuned for further updates and ways to support this effort, and don’t forget: pray & pray some more! As always, we are grateful to our faithful St. Mark’s family as we work together to fulfill God’s dreams for the church, community and world.