Instructions Below

Visit the table on Sundays June 16-30 for assistance in taking this survey!
***Responses are anonymous***
This 5-10 minute survey offers a way for churches to survey their maturity on six dimensions of the discipleship journey.

It measures a life of worship, a life of hospitality, a life open to Jesus, a life of obeying Jesus, a life of service, and a life of generosity. Upon taking the survey, participants discover if they are exploring, beginning, growing, or maturing in each of those categories.

1) Sign Up: Visit and enter our conference code: PEACEANDJOY

2) Create Account: In order to take the survey online, you will need to enter an email address and create a secure password. From the dropdown lists,
  a. Choose your District: Richmond District, Virginia Conference
  b. Choose your church: Saint Mark’s UMC (Virginia, Richmond District) 
  c. Fill out the email and password fields, then click blue “Sign Up” button
     d. Use the click here link on the next screen to continue. You can also access the survey by visiting after creating your account.

3) Log In: Enter the password and email address you provided in step 2 in order to log in.

4) Choose Your Group: Use the blue “Edit Profile” button to select the group to which you belong (Leaders, Staff, Congregation). Simply choose YES for the group to which you belong.

5) Take Survey: Take the Real Discipleship Survey by clicking the blue “Take Survey” button and then selecting the one box of each color that fits you best. After completing the survey use the blue “Submit Survey” button. Your results will be displayed for you. You may select to view additional information or have your results emailed to you. You may login to view your results at any time and you are also able to retake the survey at a later date to measure changes in your discipleship over time.