Health Acknowledgement Form (Volunteers Must Re-Submit Each Time)

Video Tutorial: How To Open Communion Elements

The registration deadline is August 26 at 6:30 pm (to allow time to prepare the elements), and the form will close after that time.

First, you must review the above Attendee Protocols and Guidelines regarding the drive-in communion and familiarize yourself with the rules & how the drive-in communion will be managed. You should prepare by collecting the items you will need to bring with you (i.e., a face covering, hand sanitizer, etc.). Note: Face coverings and hand sanitizer will not be provided by the church. As a reminder, restrooms will not be available during communion, so you will need to plan ahead in this regard.

  • On the day of the drive-in communion, first check your temperature and ensure that it is below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. If your temperature is above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or you otherwise feel ill or exhibit any of the known COVID-19 symptoms, do not attend the service and stay home or seek medical treatment. If, however, you have no symptoms, no fever, and feel well and healthy, travel to the designated location of the communion in advance of the designated time.
  • Upon arrival at the church parking lot, you can expect to be greeted by volunteers (who have been pre-assessed and who will be wearing face coverings) near the entrance of the parking lot. These volunteers will direct you to a parking spot where you may park your vehicle. Parking spots may be marked off in advance so that you leave adequate spacing in between cars, but in all circumstances, make sure there is no vehicle parked beside you on the driver’s side and passenger side.
  • To the extent possible, please avoid rolling down your window to speak with the volunteers or if you do roll down your window to speak to someone, put on your face covering and make sure the volunteer or anyone is 6 feet or more from you. COVID-19 is passed with respiratory droplets.
  • Once parked, tune your radio to the station (103.9) from which the communication message will be broadcast (if the service is to be broadcast via radio), or use your phone to tune in and roll down your windows to hear the outdoor audio. DO NOT get out of your vehicle under any circumstances.
  • Pastor Fran Cooper will lead the consecration of communion from the parking lot. At the end of the drive-in communion, the volunteers will help direct traffic out of the parking lot.