Below is our Guiding Council to enhance our ministry for growth and effectiveness to living out our Vision (Grow, Live, and Love as Followers of Christ).

As of November 28, 2017, our new Guiding Council for St. Mark’s Church was voted into leadership for the coming year.
They are these wonderful volunteers. Please give them your prayers, support, and gratitude!

Guiding Council Membership

Jane Davis                                           Guiding Council Chair

Ryan Tinsley                                     Vision Council Chair (Guiding Council Vice Chair)

Banks Buchanan                                Lay Member to Annual Conference

Lynne Kelly                                       SPRC Focus Chair

Joanna Blanks                                  SPRC Focus

Brent Kimball                                   SPRC Focus

Don McClintic                                   Trustees Focus Chair

Tim Merry                                         Trustees Focus

Barbara Coen                                    Trustees Focus

Randy Godwin                                   Finance Focus Chair

Dennis Monroe                                 Finance Focus

Mike Rose                                         Finance Focus

Jim Schiele                                        8:30 Lay Leader (Live Focus)

Rebecca Harmon                                9:45 Lay Leader (Love Focus)

Fran Cooper                                      Lead Pastor

Recording Secretary                          Stephanie Brewer (voice, but no vote)

Two Council Structure Image
Approved Church Structure