27 Learning And Living On The Mount: ​Called to be Blessed (Matthew 5:1-11; 13-16)

20 The World We’re Gonna Make: From Now On–The Prodigal Son

13 The World We’re Gonna Make: The Other Side–The Rich Young Ruler

The World We’re Gonna Make: This is Me–Mary Magdalene


29 The World We’re Gonna Make: Come Alive– Zacchaeus

22 St. Mark’s Has Left The Building ( The World We’re Gonna Make: A Million Dreams)
No recording this day.

15 The World We’re Gonna Make: This Is Where You Wanna Be — The Disciples

8 The Earth Is Still Shaking

1 Easter Sunday (View From The Cross): You And Me


25 Palm Sunday (View From The Cross): The Thieves

18 Youth Sunday: We’re All A Little Broken

11 View From The Cross: The Soldiers

View From The Cross: His Loved Ones


25 View From The Cross: The Disciples

18 View From The Cross: The Passersby

11 This Is Us: Now Is The Time

4 This Is Us: Creating Space for the Next Generation


28 This Is Us: Parental Advisory – Faith Required

21 This Is Us: We Are Called To Forgive

14 This Is Us: It Takes Two To Grow
No recording this day.
This Is Us: It Begins With You


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