12 The Real Disciples: From Doubting to Believing (Thomas)

5 The Real Disciples: From Entitled to Sacrificing (James and John – Zebedee Brothers)       


29 The Real Disciples: From Privileged to Responsible (John) 

22 The Real Disciples: From Disillusioned to Despairing (Judas) 

15 The Real Disciples: From Embarrassed to Devoted (Mother Mary & family)

8 The Real Disciples: From Sin-sick to Shalom (Matthew)

1 The Real Disciples: From Lost To Found (Prodigal Son) Youth Sunday

23 JOURNEY: Faith To Finish Well

16 JOURNEY: Faith That Is Tested No recording this day
9 JOURNEY: Faith That Doesn’t Look Back

2 JOURNEY: Faith Without Limits No recording this day

JOURNEY: Faith When It Doesn’t Add Up

19 JOURNEY: Faith To Discover God

12 JOURNEY: Faith In God’s Provision

5 JOURNEY: Faith To Begin The Journey

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