27 The Word Made Flesh (St. Mark’s VISION Series): Followers of Christ

20 Defying Gravity: Our Faith In Action

13 Defying Gravity: When We Get It Right

6 Defying Gravity: Tethered To God


30 Defying Gravity: Breaking Free

23 Defying Gravity: Discovering Gravity

16 Children’s Sabbath

9  Complaining Is Draining: Criticism to Encouragement

Complaining Is Draining: From Grumbling to Gratitude

11 Faith, Hope, and Love

St. Mark’s Top 10: Can We Talk?


28 St. Mark’s Top 10: Beyond Me

21 St. Mark’s Top 10: You Are Not Stuck

14 St. Mark’s Top 10: God Gave

7 St. Mark’s Top 10: Three Simple Rules


31 St. Mark’s Top 10: It’s Not About You or Me (Rev. Tom Dunkum)

24 St. Mark’s Top 10: Known

17 St. Mark’s Top 10: Psalm 23 – Walking In Faith (Rev. Bob Cooper)

10 St. Mark’s Top 10: Ruth – A Story of Devotion

3  St. Mark’s Top 10: Story of Noah


26 8:30 AM Trusting The Good Shepherd (Rev. Tom Dunkum)

9:45 AM (Jeff Williams)

19 HERE I AM: God’s Whisper

12 HERE I AM: Acts 9:1-19, 22

5 HERE I AM: Here I Am, Send Me (Isaiah 6:1-8)


29 HERE I AM: Do You Know That God Has A Plan For Your Life?

22 TRANSITION: From Now to Forever

15 TRANSITION: From Good to Great

8 TRANSITION: From Old to New

TRANSITION: From Possibility to New Reality


24 TRANSITION: From Silence to Hearing

17 TRANSITION: The Importance of Community (Youth Sunday)

10 TRANSITION: Exodus (From Bondage to Freedom)

3 TRANSITION: Genesis (From Innocence to Reality)


27 QUESTIONS JESUS ASKS: Why Are You Crying? (Easter)

25 QUESTIONS JESUS ASKS: My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?  (Good Friday)

24 QUESTIONS JESUS ASKS: Do You Understand What I Have Done For You? (Maundy Thursday)

20 QUESTIONS JESUS ASKS: Who Are You Looking For?

13  QUESTIONS JESUS ASKS: Which One Of These Was A Neighbor?

6 QUESTIONS JESUS ASKS: If You Love Those Who Love You, What Reward Will You Have?


28 QUESTIONS JESUS ASKS: Will All Your Worries Add A Single Moment To Your Life?

21 QUESTIONS JESUS ASKS: Do You Want To Get Well?

14 QUESTIONS JESUS ASKS: Which Of Them Will Love Me More?


LOVE TANK: Physical Touch


31 LOVE TANK: Acts of Service

17 LOVE TANK: Quality Time


10 LOVE TANK: Words of Affirmation