The Service to Others Team coordinates St. Mark’s projects that provide assistance to others, both within our community and across the world.
Contact Jane Davis for more information on any programs and groups!


Rise Against Hunger 10/1
Please join us October 1 from 10am until 12pm, as we package meals for Rise Against Hunger, an organization working against global hunger. We will package about 10,000 meals, and there will be jobs for all ages (with nursery provided for babies/toddlers). We need volunteers to help get us to our goal. Click this link to register for set-up, meal packing and clean-up.
**Need some volunteers (3 to 4) who can lift 50 Ibs during the event and set-up. 

Mission Dinner 10/4
Our October mission dinner will be held on Wednesday 10/4 from 5:30-6:30pm. The cost is $10 for adults, $5 for children. Gordon Athletics Association is hosting to support this community organization. Please RSVP online HERE and join us for dinner with friends and neighbors!


Our Service To Others Ministry operates to further the LOVE component of St. Mark’s mission by coordinating projects that provide assistance to others, both within our community and across the world.

We love our neighbors by reaching out locally and globally. Our team coordinates projects and mission programs that help those in need. Our missional efforts focus mostly on local school partnerships and food insecurity.


We partner with Evergreen Elementary by mentoring students during the school year, holding an annual school supply drive, caring for their outdoor spaces, supporting the teachers with care packages, and fulfilling other needs that arise each year.

Mentoring Program
St. Mark’s has been involved in a mentoring partnership with Evergreen since 1995! Each mentor is typically matched with two students and participates in back-to-back 30-minute mentoring session each week. Usually, the program runs from late October/early November and stops after SOL testing in early May. Orientation and training are provided.


We partner with the community of McKinney-Vento students and their families in Chesterfield County in order to help homeless students graduate from high school, pursue higher education, experience God’s love and be invited into a church family.

How We Pursue The Mission:

  1. Respond to material needs of the students & families (i.e. jacket drive, haircuts, backpacks, gas cards, etc.)
  2. Work with the students in their academic learning (i.e. tutoring, mentoring)
  3. Assist families to return to their situation before homelessness of the students (i.e. housing support, jobs referrals, work skills)
  4. Invite students and families to know God and offer a church family. Ensure that they feel sincerely welcome but not obligated to participate

If interested in praying, financially/materially supporting, or giving time/leadership to this mission, contact Jane Davis or Steve Astoria (804-229-0777) for more information.


We hold various seasonal collections, such as Turkey Bags for local families and Christmas Mother to provide gifts for selected children & their guardians.


We sponsor a Rise Against Hunger meal packaging event once or twice a year, which distributes food globally to areas with the greatest concentration of hunger and starvation. We also collect food donations every week and complete other projects throughout the year aimed at hunger relief and ending food insecurity.

Food Banks
We support two local food pantries, one at Sherbourne UMC and one at Holy Comforter. Collection bins are placed outside the CLC doors every Sunday afternoon 12-4 pm, and food is delivered each week.  All canned/packaged, unopened, non-perishable food is welcome.

FeedMore Volunteers
FeedMore (which operates food pantries, Meals on Wheels and other programs to provide local help with food) is always looking for volunteers. They need help in a number of areas…drivers, packing assistants, administrative help, etc. If you are interested and would like more information, go to


Shoe Collection
St. Mark’s has begun collecting shoes on an ongoing basis for Soles4Souls. Donations will be used to provide shoes to homeless children in the US and to help entrepreneurs in developing countries start and grow businesses. There is a collection bin across from the nursery.

Mission Dinners
On the first Wednesday of each month (Sep-May), we have a mission dinner in the gym from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. The cost is $10 per adult and $5 per child, and proceeds are collected for different mission causes + organizations (e.g. Evergreen food pantry, Gordon Athletics, Sanctuary Rescue, etc) The hosting groups plan a different menu each month as well. RSVP here for the next one!

Recycle Old Eyeglasses, Cell Phones & Hearing Aids
Give someone sight and hearing by bringing your old eyeglasses, hearing aids and cell phones to St. Mark’s for recycling to the Chesterfield Prevent Blindness Lions Club. Please place your items in the box located in the Fellowship hallway near the Nursery. Please contact Don West at (804) 897-8723 with any questions.​​

Security Team
Security Team Info

Tuesday Men’s Maintenance Group
This group meets at church to perform general maintenance on Tuesdays at 8:15 am. All are welcome to come lend a hand!